Our Team


One of Nigeria’s foremost public intellectuals, Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah has delivered numerous public lectures across Nigeria and worldwide, written several books and hundreds of articles on various aspects of governance, faith, human rights and public policy in Nigeria. His contributions have added moral input, shaped public policy and service. He served as secretary general of the Bishops’ Conference and in several federal government panels. He singlehandedly negotiated an end to the long drawn out conflict between Shell Petroleum Development Corporation and the people of Ogoniland in Rivers State, Nigeria.

Bishop Kukah’s humble background, his wide pastoral experience and networks across the country, have motivated his work in promoting stronger national unity through interfaith dialogue and promotion of economic and social justice for all citizens. As a result of his wide range of experience and exposure, he has often been referred to as a rabble-rouser for peace and nation building in Nigeria.


The Kukah Center consists of talented people who helped make it what it is today.