Vision Statement

We believe that ending violence against women is essential to development, health and prosperity in nations and communities around the globe.

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Mission Statement

AFRIWAVE will engage in advocacy, develop innovative interventions and design policy strategies that support  women-focused  initiatives against  violent extremism.

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To identify and collaborate with women influencers, women-focused organisations and peace-building initiatives in fighting violent extremism.

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About us

A Nigerian-African focused coalition based intervention to  preventing violent extremist practices against women and girls in partnership with strategic Stakeholders.

One out of every three women worldwide is likely to be physically, sexually or otherwise abused and forced to undergo extremism related  practices during her lifetime—with rates reaching 70 percent in some countries.

This type of violence can take on many forms, from rape to domestic violence, child marriage to so-called “honor killings,” terrorism, harmful cultural practices and human trafficking among many others..