The National Conference to unveil an Ethical and Religious Policy Framework for combating Gender-Based Violence (GBV). 

Embarking on a transformative journey towards a safer, more compassionate Nigeria. The National Conference, powered by the Ford Foundation, The Kukah Centre in collaboration with Bakhita Initiative unfolded a monumental moment as diverse religious leaders, scholars, and advocates united to unveil an Ethical and Religious Policy Framework for combating Gender-Based Violence (GBV). 

At the heart of this initiative lies a profound commitment to inclusivity, engaging extensively with religious stakeholders to craft strategies that resonate with the very fabric of their beliefs. This framework is not just a document; it’s a beacon of accountability for religious bodies and institutions, a guide for leaders and scholars as they stand on the frontline, addressing, combating, and responding to GBV.

The theme, ‘Unveiling the Ethical and Religious Policy Framework for Addressing GBV in Nigeria: A Faith-Based Approach,’ echoes the significance of integrating ethics, religion, and action in our collective fight against GBV. It draws attention to the profound impact this policy framework holds, emphasizing its role in reshaping the narrative surrounding gender-based violence. 

This isn’t just about policies on paper; it’s a call to action grounded in faith. By placing a spotlight on the religious approach, the theme recognizes the pivotal role of institutions, beliefs, and teachings in dismantling the roots of GBV. It’s a rallying cry encouraging religious leaders and institutions to actively champion this initiative, fostering an environment where faith becomes a force for positive change. 

 The unveiling ceremony witnessed the presence of esteemed figures dedicated to this cause: 

  • Bishop Kukah – Our visionary founder 
  •  Fr. Atta Barkindo – TKC Executive Director
  • Mrs. Amy Gama – Managing Director, Nuru International 
  • Sheikh Nuru Khalid
  • Dr. Azizah Amoloue – Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Law, University of Ilorin 
  • Ette, Emem Gabriel – Head of the Akwa Ibom State Government SGBV Response Unit, Ministry of Justice, Akwa-Ibom State.
  • CAN Representative

 Together, they symbolize unity, collaboration, and the shared commitment to forging a path toward a GBV-free Nigeria.

Let this conference be the catalyst for change, sparking conversations, breaking barriers, and paving the way for a future where every individual, regardless of gender, can thrive in a society rooted in respect and equality.

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