Geranium oil. Lavender oil is a soothing and calming oil to help heal sore inflamed areas, burns or wounds. We’re living in a perfect world. A General Guide to Use Essential Oils for Fleas on Pets. Dog owners only, because rosemary oil can be toxic to cats. It’s also a good oil to add to your dog’s collar. In fact, it is a widely used active ingredient in commercial shampoos, soaps, and collars. Cedarwood Essential Oil: Heavily-diluted cedarwood oil can be sprayed on a dog’s skin to kill existing fleas and prevent new ones from landing and biting. If you have an outside dog, then you need to apply this frequently throughout the day. It has natural antiseptic properties and is great to use as a rinse after giving your dog a bath. Some of the natural ingredients in certain cedar oils pose hazards, so make sure to look for cedar oils sourced from Texas Red Cedar and Eastern Red Cedar. Other essential oils (like lavender or cedar oil) can be mixed into a spray bottle with apple cider vinegar and water and applied to your dog’s bed. It is helpful in repelling fleas though. Eventually, you will find something that will do the trick. It only serves as a natural repellent. Making a spray with these oils and using it around your house will make your house smell like you just cleaned instead of attempted to ward off a flea infestation. Many have antiseptic properties that can help heal the bites as well as sores and skin irritation caused by scratching. Fleas can be a natural (and unpleasant) part of life with a pet. Nope. It can be dangerous to expose your dog to anything more than marginal amounts of essential oils. Is Your Dog Driving You Nuts During the Day? It also increases the chances of having counterfeits that may be of more harm than good. Not only is basil essential oil is a natural repellent, but the basil plant is as well. This one is not only good for repelling fleas but it is also one of the anti flea essential oils that kills the parasites[6]. Animals are generally more sensitive to essential oils than humans are. Mary Tylor Naturals Organic Lavender Essential Oil. It’s best to heavily dilute essential oils and use them in moderation. Let’s look now at a few essential oils that will be effective at getting rid of fleas on your pets. There is a wide variety of essential oils in the market currently. This oil is one that is not recommended for use directly on human or pet skin as it can have toxic effects. But do not be fooled, these thick concentrated plant essences are filled with potent anti-bug and anti-flea compounds. Essential oils are controversial for use on cats because felines lack a key enzyme that both humans and dogs use to process the oils. That can dilute the oil a bit, so even if you do pick something pungent, the smell should be watered down if you go with the spray method. Repeated exposure to essential oils is a lot healthier, not to mention more pleasant, an option than repeated exposure to dangerous and toxic chemicals. Add 5 drops of oil to water to mix your own spray, then apply the spray to your pet’s coat. Then there are essential oils that you shouldn’t put directly on your pet but instead sprinkle on their. repel and kill fleas inside your home and in your yard, Healing Solutions Cedarwood Essential Oil,,,,,, How to Feed Your Senior Dog: Soften Dry Dog Food, Supplements, and More, Dilute with coconut oil on dog's skin, in a diffuser, or as a spray, As a spray, do not use directly on pet's skin, As a spray, diluted with coconut oil directly on dog's skin (large breed only), Only for use with dogs. The ability of this oil to fight off infection and make the skin feel better makes it ideal for treating for fleas. Remember that their olfactory senses are more powerful than yours, so if the smell is awful for you, then it is probably unbearable for them. Essential oils should be used with caution if you have very small children in your home, or if anyone is pregnant. Not all Cedarwood oils can be used on your pets. While essential oils are a great natural way to prevent and control fleas, there are some oils that shouldn’t be used on small dogs or on cats[3]. For more info check out this section. Your email address will not be published. While essential oils smell pleasant to us, for little fleas the smell is down-right deadly. Neem can be helpful for both fleas and ticks for cats. My homemade essential oil spray recipe is simple, it’s just 3 ingredients. See more ideas about Essential oils for fleas, Essential oils dogs, Dog essentials. It can be diluted and rubbed directly on your dog or cat’s skin to help repel fleas and soothe irritation from flea bites. Make sure to look into each individual oil before you use it on or around your pet. How to use Essential Oils to Stop Fleas and Ticks Essential oils are a great way to help repel fleas, and repeated exposure to it is a lot more pleasant and healthier than repeated exposure to dangerous chemicals. If your flea problem happens to persist after trying one of our recommended products, just try another one. While it does repel them, peppermint oil does not kill fleas. I may on occasion see one flea, but that’s way better than the dozens I used to find otherwise before incorporating this spray into our routine. Many people decide to use essential oils over medication to help get rid of fleas on their dog or in their house because the oils are natural and aren’t harmful to your dog or your human family members when used correctly. Animals should never ingest essential oils. Essential oils are oily substances that come in tiny little bottles. These two oils smell similar but vary greatly in their source, chemical make up, and properties. 1. It can be used for more than just repulsing fleas, as it is known to help with arthritis in dogs, making it a great all around general health application. It does far more than just deal with fleas and ticks. Get Our List of 11 Awesome Indoor Activities to Keep Your Dog Busy and Out of Trouble! Mix the oil with a little apple cider vinegar and water as your pup’s final rinse to help keep fleas at bay. No, it does not. Cats and Fleas and Ticks. Our peppermint oil section has more information and advice on how to use it. Both are good for flea control. The topical medications are exposed so it can get on their hands and spread throughout your house and ingested. Majestic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil is the type to apply topically, however, it must be diluted using a carrier oil. Essential oils for fleas and ticks can be derived from many plants, this one comes from the eucalyptus plant. It has a lemon scent to it, so it should be appealing to both humans and animals, and you can apply it directly to your pet’s skin. Do not use with cats. It can be planted as a beautiful, fragrant, natural,  flea-repelling part of your landscape to keep fleas under control in and around your lawn. If the oil you use is overly pungent, then you may not be able to tolerate it. It’s not going to be as repulsive to them as some other oils, but it does the job. These essential oils can help you get quick relief from itchy skin and also reduce the risk of flea … Many of the essential oils most frequently advertised in flea and tick products—eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, lemongrass, tea tree oil, etc.—are already known to be toxic to dogs and/or cats. Essential oils are a great way to help repel fleas from your dog or cat as well as your home, but as is always my advice, speak to your vet before you try anything new with your pet and review all flea and tick prevention and control treatments. Essential Oils Use essential oils for cleaning and fragrancing your home to help repel fleas. After a while of using the same prevention and control medications, fleas may become immune to them. Just like lavender oil, this one has a lot of uses as well. They are full of anti-inflammatory , anti-parasitic, antiseptic and analgesic qualities that make them a very effective remedy to treat fleas. Peppermint oil can be used around the house, garden, and for a feeling of comfort and cooling when you apply it to your skin. Mix into a spray with water to spray on your pet’s bedding to … Thyme essential oil is a great pesticide, but it is also a fungicide and bactericide. View On Amazon. Fleas hate essential oils! Best Essential Oils for Dog Fleas Prevention & Control. This type of essential oil is known to keep fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, roaches, mice, and ants away. How to Use One of the most popular and refreshing us… Use a carrier oil to blend your essential oils[4] before application. It’s celebrated as a powerful repellent against insects, including fleas, as it boasts insecticidal action. Using the herb in dried form can also help with keeping fleas away from your home. The best method depends on the type of oil you choose to use, as well as the strength of the essential oil. Essential oils should never be used undiluted on the skin- especially on pets. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. can have harmful effects on people, especially kids[1]. Even when used correctly, the flea medication, collars, etc. It’s also a great addition to pizza. Thus, flea prevention in cats is more difficult when looking for natural options. Add 5-8 drops of Rosemary oil to your dogs shampoo to repel fleas and help your dog heal faster. Citronella essential oil is the lemony-scented liquid extracted from the grass of the plant. Peppermint is a great oil to help repel fleas that also smells great! Cedarwood oil and cedar oil are also the best choices (along with regular vacuuming) for protecting a home. Sometimes, one thing that is good in one case, will be ineffective in another. You may have to go through more than one life cycle of fleas to take care of all the pests. Dilute and use with bath, Add to bedding or collar. Learn how to use it as a spray to freshen up your home and drives those pests away. Some essential oils can be diluted and applied topically on the skin to repel fleas and to soothe your dog’s skin. But keep in mind that these oils are potent – you must take caution before using it, and never use it in full strength, especially when applying topically to … No, rosemary oil does not kill fleas. Organic Facts says you can just rub this directly onto your pet. Another way to use oils involves fatty oils, like coconut oil. Carrier Oils Include: Some oils, such as pennyroyal oil, can be toxic if used on your skin or your pet. You want to ensure that your furry friends are free from ticks and fleas, but you might be hesitant to use toxic chemicals and various flea sprays that could be harmful to your children and pets. You might end up with an oil that is harmful or ineffective. This method ensures that the natural oil balance on the skin of your cat is not interfered with. One of my favorite scents is lavender, so I was thrilled to discover it also acts as a flea repellent! Not to mention it can sometimes be hard to get your dog to take a pill. Anyone who is pregnant should also use caution when handling them. Their Cedarwood Essential Oil is made from premiums Texas cedarwood. Lavender oil (Latin name: Lavandula angustifolia) is considered one of the most versatile essential oils for fleas on dogs creating a sense of peace and harmony. Peppermint. Where there are problems, there are solutions too. This oil can be added to your laundry when you wash your dog’s bedding, helping with the prevention of fleas and ticks. If your pets have already been bitten by fleas, then they will likely need something to reduce irritation of their skin and to prevent infection caused by flea bites. Jun 10, 2020 - Explore Elaine Weston's board "Essential oils for fleas", followed by 206 people on Pinterest. You may be reluctant to use harsh chemicals, and that’s o.k. Required fields are marked *. There are some general tips and suggestions you’ll want to keep in mind as you share essential oils with your furry friends. Think of your pet– You also want to choose something that is agreeable to your pet. 8 Essential Oils with Flea Repelling Abilities 1. Just follow our guide, and we are sure you will find something that will work for you pet. You will have to apply it to your dog every time it goes outside. Organic Aromas suggests mixing your oil with water and turning it into a spray for your pets. Just as us humans get easily bothered by all kinds of pests, our pets can also suffer a great deal, when dealing with flea infestations. This fact alone makes it hard for you to decide on the best product for use on your pet. Here’s how to add it to your dog’s bath routine here. This essential oil is already in a spray for your convenience, so you don’t have to dilute it. Though some scents have been proven to deter crawling critters, the dangers of these essential oils far outweigh the potential benefits in cats. Anyone that has fur babies has more than likely had to figure out how to deal with the nightmare that is fleas at one point or another. No, it does not but it does repel them! It … 2. This is all natural and undiluted, so it won’t take much of it to make an effective spray or application oil. One of the best oils for eliminating fleas is cedar oil, as it will not only repel these pesky insects but actually kill them. Many have been found to repel fleas, and some even kill the irritating little critters. Cedar oil is great for this. Learn how to use it as a spray here. A great treatment you can apply topically on your dogs helping with prevention. Essential oils for fleas can do wonders in order to eliminate the number of chemicals you and your family are exposed to. Lavender is one of the most versatile essential oils. Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed can also help reduce these problems. When shopping for essential oils for flea control, there are a few things you need to keep in mind: Not just any essential oil will do-  There are specific ones that have been proven to work on fleas and ticks in particular. Peppermint essential oil is famed as one of the best natural solutions for fighting off fleas in dogs. This essential oil flea killer will keep your dog and your home protected against an infestation. It’s also a great addition to pizza. Basil essential oil contains compounds that repel annoying pests like fleas and mosquitoes. Sometimes it can feel impossible to find a good way to not only keep fleas off of your dog but also repel and kill fleas inside your home and in your yard as well. Our first choice for the best essential oil for fleas is Fab Naturals Cedarwood Essential Oil. Remember, that not all products work the same way in each case. The distinctive aromatic odor is associated with cleanliness and many pet owners turn to it to repel fleas. Pennyroyal oil, from a plant that is a member of the mint family, is one of the oldest known anti-flea remedies. They are oils, not magical potions. Not only is basil essential oil is a natural repellent, but the basil plant is as well. /*